Hand of Fate 1

Happy 3 Years Birthday, Nexus

Back in 2018, after just two weeks with Nexus in my head, I knew this is going to be a lasting project (a life-long project to be precise). What was and still is a mystery is where it will lead. It has now been three years since the first direct plork (play-work) happened for Nexus.

I expected this creation to reach some level of maturity by now. And it has. But… not the way I thought. I am both quite far from the original idea, and yet very close to an earlier release. I also didn’t expect to witness the gracefulness through which things arrange around Nexus. It’s all about patience and trusting in the transformative power of this creative journey.

Nexus of Purpose

Happy Birthday, Nexus

One year ago, a seed of the Nexus hit something in me. The Nexus is a place that exists outside time, but when fertilizing my intellect, it has bound itself to this Now. A figment of my imagination as I am a figment of its Existence, the Nexus has been steadily growing in my mind ever since, seeking the ideal way to express itself so that others can begin discovering it.

I have absolutely no doubt that Nexus will be a successful project, product, creative endeavor and investment. Every quark of every atom in my body screams this in complete ecstasy for what is to come.