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The Present Tense – Michael Axonn

The Present Tense

A story is a means of travel for consciousness. It is how thoughts get to know other thoughts, make children and live happily ever after. One of the chief qualities of the present tense is intimacy. The story happens now. You are reading the story in your now. Stories written in the present tense gift you their now.

A story is alive because you are thinking it. By virtue of mental projection, the story is real. Reality is subjective and by allowing the story to live inside your mind, you are giving it the lifeblood of your reality. When we dream, we seldom realize (or care) that we dream. The story does not care that it is not real and neither do you. Otherwise stories wouldn’t work.

The Continuum

Everything that can happen, happens. This is the foundation of the Continuum – a singularity that transcends the material world. The Continuum is the haven where matter goes to think, a union of everything that can be. Matter, be it organized in humans or other forms, can have its release from its physical bounds through imagination. Other creatures dream too. Imagination is matter’s gateway to a place of unity.

The Continuum is a solemn connection between those minds that have chosen to throw their thoughts into the transformative pyre of time so that, like the Phoenix, they can arise anew, transformed. And the Continuum exists now.

I write now, I write for me, I write for you. I write with respect, I write with responsibility and I write in humble gratitude to the Universe that has allowed me to do so.