The Unbelievable Pelle The Third

Title Reveal for the Third “Story from the Continuum”

Now that “Jonas is Flying” is out there, I’m starting work at another “Story from the Continuum”. This will be the third text from my first book, the “Stories from the Continuum” collection of short stories. The idea for this one has been in my head since more than a year ago and even before I decided to write “Jonas is Flying” as the first “proper” short story in the book (since “A Source of Creation” is more like a prologue).

Super Nova

Official Site Launched

Hello! :). I’m the official site of Michael Axonn, a writer who decided to do an Open Source Literature experiment. As official site of Michael, it is within my attributions to properly represent this author’s work while in the same time providing you, dear reader, with a pleasant experience. It’s a tricky task that requires balance and flexibility, but I think I can pull it off. I’m quite young, but enthusiastic.

I like powerful servers and lots of bandwidth but I don’t have many visitors for the time being. So, I’m fine sharing the same server with a zillion other websites and making the best of the bandwidth I have. I would like to meet more people and get a bit more popular. If you think I’m worth it, I hope you can help me with that. One of the perks of being a website is that I can talk to a lot of people in the same time – but don’t get jealous now.