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Happy 4 Years Birthday, Nexus – Michael Axonn

Happy 4 Years Birthday, Nexus

Unlike previous years, I have nothing to show from Nexus this time (even though the project has advanced in the past year more than in any of the years before). But I have a lot to say about this life-long commitment. This year I almost struggled to miss the “deadline” of coming up with some content for the 1st of May birthday of Nexus. This year may very well be the ONLY year when I will write ONLY about what this project means to me. I’m fairly confident that when Nexus reaches its round-number 5th birthday, we’ll be very public and, from then until the end, it’ll be one long string of continuous reveals & adventures.

With every year that passes, I become more and more calm regarding the future of Nexus. I just read what I wrote for the project’s first birthday (I use the word “birth” because Nexus is not a mechanism, it is a lifeform). I was spot on. Four years later, I am amazed by how much of my initial vision is now functional, expressed into reality… magical. The faith I have in the potential of this project is unshakeable. And for somebody who’s almost obsessed with deadlines & results, it takes unshakeable faith to miss a deadline and be happy about it :D.

During the past 4 years, I have built the central pillar of Nexus. Imagine a 500-story building, but consisting of just 1 elevator and a couple of hallways here and there. No decorations… wait… not even furniture… wait… not even rooms! Everything has to be built in the coming years. And it will be built, patiently and calmly. And I won’t do it alone. Help is already here, and more is on the way.

In the next 4 years, this project will go from unknown to public and with a strong community around it. In the next 4 months, I’ll start selecting a few very realistic routes for going public and, most importantly, becoming profitable. In the next 4 weeks I’m going to finish some preparations for the first (very private) demos. And the next 4 days will be a Nexus party, both small and huge in the same time focused on content creation, at a rather slow pace due to the rather serious interference that I’m going through both in my personal life and in my professional life (had plans for plorking a bit more focused, but Life had a different opinion on the matter 😀 ).

Thank you for being here and witnessing the adventure. Well, I know there’s nothing much to witness yet, but trust me, if you read these words in 2022, in about 10 years from now chances are we’ll be laughing at how awesome it was to be one of the first to know about this project.


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