Happy 3 Years Birthday, Nexus

Hand of Fate 1

Hand of Fate (work in progress)

Be ready to take this hand
Journey into a magic land
Light imagination’s fire
Fulfill the mind’s desire


Back in 2018, after just two weeks with Nexus in my head, I knew this is going to be a lasting project (a life-long project to be precise). What was and still is a mystery is where it will lead. It has now been three years since the first direct plork (play-work) happened for Nexus.

I expected this creation to reach some level of maturity by now. And it has. But… not the way I thought. I am both quite far from the original idea, and yet very close to an earlier release. I also didn’t expect to witness the gracefulness through which things arrange around Nexus. It’s all about patience and trusting in the transformative power of this creative journey.

The hand you see above, is a Hand of Fate. And, as the year progresses, more will be revealed about it and its siblings.

That being said…


The Nexus has arrived.

Today, in some Universes, I am unveiling the project. Not in this Universe though. In this Universe, I have a day job which takes up many hours. In this Universe, I have to deal with debts and other duties which suck up most of my creative force. But of course, I’m not worried. Because the Nexus has arrived. Debts & duties gradually fade away, and my focus will only increase.

I have been advancing very well in vital areas of the project and I’m more confident than ever that it will be a successful product. My professional experience is the anchor that my wild imagination needs. Without some anchoring, I’d simply drift off into an endless fractal, over-engineering Nexus to the point of uselessness. Thankfully, I know where to stop and to wait for backup to arrive (which it will, when the project is going to go public). Speaking of that… I can’t wait for that to happen (but I will :D). Going public with this project will probably be one of the most entertaining things I’ll experience in this life. What will follow will be pure joy and celebration.

When will Nexus go public? As I’ve learned after one year of serious health issues in my immediate family, that will depend on a lot of factors (mostly time&money-related). The next window of opportunity is the 1st of November, but by the look of things, I’d say 1 year from now is more likely. But given that in some Universes the Nexus isn’t even beginning to manifest, I’m grateful if I get to start expressing it even 5 years from now.




The Multiverse awaits.

Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate (work in progress)


P.S.: This is the birthday song for Nexus’ 3 years anniversary. The quote at the start of the song is from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Maceo Plex – Swan Dive (YouTube)

Maceo Plex – Swan Dive (Spotify)


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