Title Reveal for the Third “Story from the Continuum”

Now that “Jonas is Flying” is out there, I’m starting work at another “Story from the Continuum”. This will be the third text from my first book, the “Stories from the Continuum” collection of short stories. The idea for this one has been in my head since more than a year ago and even before I decided to write “Jonas is Flying” as the first “proper” short story in the book (since “A Source of Creation” is more like a prologue).

I’ve started writing the first pre-draft notes for “Bruce Hangs on to the Past” and I will continue the process for a couple more weeks. In the meantime I’m gathering feedback from “Jonas is Flying” and polishing the story in preparation for the first round of “public spreading around”.

2020 Update: 3 years later, Bruce (still) Hangs on to the Past, but in a very, very different way. More to follow. Follow Nexus.


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