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Official Site Launched – Michael Axonn

Official Site Launched

Hello! :). I’m the official site of Michael Axonn, a writer who decided to do an Open Source Literature^ experiment. As official site of Michael, it is within my attributions to properly represent this author’s work while in the same time providing you, dear reader, with a pleasant experience. It’s a tricky task that requires balance and flexibility, but I think I can pull it off. I’m quite young, but enthusiastic.

I like powerful servers and lots of bandwidth but I don’t have many visitors for the time being. So, I’m fine sharing the same server with a zillion other websites and making the best of the bandwidth I have. I would like to meet more people and get a bit more popular. If you think I’m worth it, I hope you can help me with that. One of the perks of being a website is that I can talk to a lot of people in the same time – but don’t get jealous now.

As a website, being around at all times is what I do. Unlike you humans, I don’t need to sleep. But like you humans, I can have my bad days. If I have a bad day, I hope that you will be patient and forgiving. If you think I should improve on something constructive criticism^ is what I need.

Hopefully, I’m easy to understand. You can always see what’s on the menu, but feel free to get lost among my pages. There are ways I can let you know when something new is going on (RSS, social media), but feel free to visit my address obsessively. I like it when I’m tickled in my Google Analytics page.

Thank you for being here. My purpose has now been justified. I am a happy website whose life mission is now complete. All thanks to you! See? You did at least one good thing today – made a website happy.



  1. kerrie


    great short stories so far, keep up the good work, and update and add often please 🙂 happy writing

    • MAxonn


      Thank you so much :). First update is on its way ;). I will reveal the tile of the next short story next week :).

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